Miguel Vences has a long-standing interest in amphibians and reptiles and has mostly worked on the systematics, biogeographic origins, patterns of speciation and natural history of the herpetofauna of Madagascar. He has published over 330 papers, several of them in high-ranking journals such as Nature, Science, PNAS, Systematic Biology or Trends in Ecology and Evolution. His taxonomic work includes by now the description of over 100 species of amphibians previously unknown to science. Vences has been and is teaching courses in evolutionary biology, molecular phylogenetics, and amphibian and reptile biology that have regularly been positively evaluated by the participating students.

Miguel Vences

Prof. Dr. Miguel Vences

Professor for Evolutionary Biology and Zoology

Zoological Institute

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Spielmannstr. 8, D-48106 Braunschweig, Germany


Some selected publications

Kremen, C., A. Cameron, A. Moilanen, S. J. Phillips, C. D. Thomas, H. Beentje, J. Dransfield, B. L. Fisher, F. Glaw, T. C. Good, G. J. Harper, R. J. Hijmans, D. C. Lees, E. Louis Jr., R. A. Nussbaum, C. J. Raxworthy, A. Razafimpahanana, G. E. Schatz, M. Vences, D. R. Vieites & M. L. Zjhra (2008): Aligning conservation priorities across taxa in Madagascar with high-resolution planning tools. – Science 320: 222-226.

Vieites, D.R., K. C. Wollenberg, F. Andreone, J. Köhler, F. Glaw & M. Vences (2009): Vast underestimation of Madagascar's biodiversity evidenced by an integrative amphibian inventory. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 106: 8267-8272.

Padial, J. M., A. Miralles, I. de la Riva & M. Vences (2010): The integrative future of taxonomy. – Frontiers in Zoology 7: article 16.


Conceptual and Integrative taxonomy in Herpetology

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